ISTFA 2022- Int'l Symposium for Testing & Failure Analysis Conference & Exposition

Date: November 1-3, 2022

Location: Pasadena Convention Center - Pasadena, CA

Booth: 503

ISTFA is the microelectronics FA event of the year. The demand for higher performance and lower power-consumption microelectronic devices has driven semiconductor technology to shrink continuously according to Moore’s Law. Furthermore, for latest technologies in nano realm, a new set of disruptive development in new structures and novel materials was introduced. Thus, defects causing semiconductor device failures have become smaller and more elusive. To chase such defects, all failure analysis techniques and methodologies also need to be improved to keep pace with semiconductor technology. Failure characterization, fault isolation, electrical failure analysis, physical analysis, microscope imaging and materials analysis are examples of the key challenged areas.

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