Application Reports

Allied has a full library of technical application reports available for our customers to view and use. A small selection is listed below. Simply choose the report(s) you would like to receive and fill in the request form. Once your information is processed, the report(s) will be emailed to you. Don't see a report for the material/industry you work with? Please include a note in the "comments/questions" field with the kind of material you would like a report on. We will go through our database, see what is available and send it to you.

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Aircraft / Aerospace

Aluminum 5083, 6061, Powder Metal Copper
AMS 4914 Titanium
Carbon Fiber Composites
WC-Co & WC-Ni Thermal Spray on Steel
YtZr-NiCr & WCo Thermal Spray Coatings

Government / Defense

Cartridge Brass
Steel with Bronze-Polymer Coating
Tantalum and Niobium


4820 & 9310 Hardened Steel
Aluminum Radiator Segments
Large 4140 & 6150 Steel Samples
Large, Unencapsulated Steel Welds
Nitrided H-13 Steel
Unencapsulated 1035 & 1008 Steel Welds


Coated Gold Bond Wire Cross-Sections
InP, InGaP, InGaAs Die Cross-Sections
Large Scale Electronic Device Cross-Sectioning
LED Cross-Section
LED Devices with Silicone
Parallel Delayering Thin Die Strips & Large Die Sections
Parallel Lapping Integrated Circuits

Medical / Dental

Bag Seals & Flow Control Valve
Plastic Lens Molds
Plastic Medical Devices

Education / Research

Al-Si & 6000 Series Al
Core Powder Samples
Cow Bone FTIR Thinning
Geological Sample Parallel Polishing
Manual Polishing for Beginners
Mg Diffusion Alloys with Al, Zn, Mn, Mg, MgCa
Polyacylonitrile Fibers


Alumina Transducers
Flexible Solar Cell
Stainless Steel & Ceramic Fuel Cell Discs

Materials Science

3D Printed Polyethylene
Chromium Plates with Ceramic Coating
Composite Bicycle Fork
Large High Density Polyethylene Block
Macro-Porous Ceramic
Single Crystal Calcite Thinning

Fiber Optics / Photonics

Fiber Arrays
Fiber Optic Connector
Silicon Waveguides