Axio Zoom V16

Zoom Microscopes

The Axio Zoom V16 is an apochromatic on-axis zoom microscope that delivers both high resolution and a wide field of view. It combines its 16x zoom range with a high numerical aperture and long working distance for the best qualities of both stereomicroscopes and compound microscopes. This microscope is particularly strong for large tile image applications, allowing for fewer images to be taken, but at higher resolutions. The motorized eZoom achieves extreme precision when positioning its lenses to capture more details. The Axio Zoom V16 has flexibility in its lighting techniques, utilizing traditional stereo illumination techniques as well as its unique Epi-Illuminator Z coaxial lighting. A variety of different stand, body, and photo port configurations makes this zoom microscope ideal for many applications.



Motorized aperture diaphragm with scroll wheel & 3 variable modes: 1) "Brightness" for maximum image brightness with 10X eyepieces or maximum of resolution with 16X or 25X eyepieces; 2) "Camera" for constant brightness & resolution along zoom range fitted to high-resolution image sensor; 3) "Eyepiece" for large depth of field in lower zoom range & resolution fitted to 10X objectives   Objective support M55 x 1.5, removeable for assembling nosepiece
Apochromatic motor zoom 16:1 (0.7X...11.2X), with more than twice the aperture of stereo zoom   76 mm support diameter fitting 435402 carrier S or 435380-9000 nosepiece Z
Position sensors for objective nosepiece Z   Requires HIP for operating in Brightness mode or EMS 3 + SYCOP 3 for mode control and USB interface
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