LED Illumination Systems

Microscope Illumination

Employing the newest technologies, SCHOTT has integrated high brightness LEDs and controller electronics into two innovative flicker-free illuminators. Both offer continuous dimming with a separate on/off switch. The EasyLED series is an innovative, self-contained illumination system with the controller electronics built into the illuminator head. This saves countertop space and provides an easy and ergonomic operation, directly on the microscope. The VisiLED illuminators include a control box and offer a wide range of illumination options and controls for more advanced applications.

Item # Description Qty
120-600100 LED ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS EasyLED Spot Light System, 17 mm Diameter, M6 Thd Adaptation, 5V DC, Controller and Power Supply Included (100W-240V)
120-600120 LED ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS EasyLED Dual Spot Light System, M6 Thead Adaptation, 5V DC, Controller and Power Supply Included (100W-240V)
120-400000 LED ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS VisiLED, MC 1500 Multiple Controller
120-400010 LED ILLUMINATION SYSTEMS VisiLED, MC 750 Controller

Product Accessories

Item # Description Qty
120-600600 EasyLED, Polarizer for Spot Light System
120-400225 VisiLED, Ringlight S80-25 mm, Brightfield, D = 66 mm, WorkingDistance 25-50 mm, For Plan Apochromat S 1.5x And Achromat S 1.5x
120-400255 VisiLED, Ringlight, S80-55 mm Brightfield, D = 66 mmFor Use with Plan Apo S 0.63x, PlanApo S 1x, Plan S 1x, Achromat S 1x
120-400300 VisiLED Ringlight S 40-10 Darkfield, D = 66 mm
120-400350 VisiLED, Transmitted Light Stage, Darkfield
120-400400 VisiLED, Transmitted Light Stage, Brightfield
120-400550 VisiLED Ringlight Polarizer Set
120-400570 VisiLED Ringlight Diffuser