OptiPrep™ Polishing System

Specialty Grinders/Polishers

The OptiPrep™ System is designed for production polishing of a wide variety of optical components including Ferrules, Connectors, Waveguides, Silicon V-groove, Optical Chips, Capillary/Glass Lenses, Fiber Bundles, Ribbon Fiber and Bare Fiber

Optical polishing applications rely on specific geometry. The OptiPrep™ features a fixed cam-lock interface reference that is parallel to the plane of the platen. Desired sample angles are obtained based on geometric orientation built into the fixture.

Z-positioning/indexing is displayed on the digital indicator with 1-micron resolution and can be pre-set for unattended operation. Variable speed rotation/limit rotation and oscillation with variable sweep maximize use of the entire abrasive surface.

Adjustable load control expands its capability to handle a range of small (delicate) to large samples.

Applications where the OptiPrep™ is used often require custom fixtures. Please contact Allied for assistance with a current fixture or to design and manufacture a fixture for a complete solution.

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Variable platen speed: 5-350 RPM, in 5 RPM increments   7" LCD touchscreen with keypad entry to control all functions
¼ HP (190 W) DC motor with durable reduction gearbox provides constant high-torque output   Digital timer and tachometer
Integrated controls for operation of the OptiPrep™ Positioning Device   Clockwise/counterclockwise platen rotation
Quick-change platen design, anodized to resist wear and corrosion   Corrosion/impact resistant cover
Bowl flush to prevent debris build-up   Electronic coolant control with adjustable valve

OptiPrep Positioning Device

Front digital indicator displays real-time material removal/sample advancement   Rear digital indicator displays vertical positioning (static) with zeroing function, 1 micron resolution
Precision spindle design indexes sample perpendicular to the platen, and can rotate simultaneously   Automatic sample oscillation, adjustable sweep with 6 speeds
Full or limited automatic sample rotation with 8 speeds   Cam-locking system eliminates the need for tools and allows for exact repositioning of fixtures
Dimensions: 15" W x 26" D x 20" H (381 x 660 x 508 mm)   Weight: 95 lb. (43 kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 33" W x 31" D x 15" H (838 x 787 x 381 mm)   Shipping Weight: 125 lb. (57 kg)
Two (2) year warranty   CE Compliant
Designed & manufactured by Allied in the USA  
Item # Description Qty
40-5200 OptiPrep™ Precision Polishing System with Touchscreen for 8” Platen, 100-240 V 50/60 Hz 1 Phase Includes: Splash Ring & Platen Cover, Fixture/Accessory Storage Case

Product Accessories

Item # Description Qty
40-31200 12-Position V-Block Fiber Optic Capillary/Ferrule Holder, 0º
40-610600 6-Position Bare Fiber Polishing Fixture, 0º (125µ fiber diameter)
40-80100 Waveguide Fixture, 0° with reference edge, reversing (requires use of 40-1005)
40-80110 Waveguide Fixture, 10° with reference edge, reversing (requires use of 40-1005)
40-80140 Waveguide Fixture, 4° with reference edge, reversing (requires use of 40-1005)
40-80160 Waveguide Fixture, 6° with reference edge, reversing (requires use of 40-1005)
40-80180 Waveguide Fixture, 8° with reference edge, reversing (requires use of 40-1005)