Zeiss CL/KL Series

Microscope Illumination

Providing homogenous and flicker-free LED illumination, the CL series is the performance leader in light sources. The CL 6000 and CL 9000 feature an LCD display for intensity control, operation mode, and memory function, and all CL units have a 3-position filter slider. The low energy consumption, long lifetime (50,000 operating hours), and white light output of the LED make it the ideal choice for stereomicroscopy. The CL 9000 emits up to 900 lumens and is equipped with a CAN interface, which allows the light source to be controllable by the SyCoP and AxioVision 4™ software.

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Item # Description Qty
12-4357009101 ZEISS COLD LIGHT SOURCE CL 6000 LED For Use With Discovery, Axio Zoom & Stemi
12-4357009000 ZEISS COLD LIGHT SOURCE CL 9000 LED CAN, 120-240V AC
12-4357009200 ZEISS COLD LIGHT SOURCE CL 4500 LED CRI 90, 450 lm, 115V
12-4357109000 ZEISS COLD LIGHT SOURCE CL 1500 HAL, 150 Watt, 150V AC
120-120300 ZEISS COLD LIGHT SOURCE KL 300 LED, 120-240V

Product Accessories

Item # Description Qty
120-155204 Light Guide, Dual Branch Flexible, 4.5 mm x 1000 mm
120-158210 Focusing Lens without Filter
120-158205 Filter, Polarizing for 120-158210 Focusing Lens
120-157420 Ringlight, Slit, 66 mm ID (use 120-158430 Pol/Analyzer)
120-158430 Polarizer/Analyzer for 120-157420 Ringlight