Discovery Series V12 Stereomicroscopes

Stereo Microscopes

The Discovery V12 Stereomicroscope is a configurable, modular system featuring newly patented optics for improved resolution and contrast. The motorized zoom system provides resolution, magnification and object field data via a Human Interface Panel (HIP), which is illuminated for easy viewing. The HIP allows programmable entry of eyepiece and objective magnification, zoom speed, focus speed, position and displays resolution, field of view and magnification values. A 3-position turret can accommodate from 0.63X to 1.5X objectives for a zoom range of 30:1. RS232 output allows magnification, illumination, resolution and field of view data to be captured with each image when interfaced with a PC and AxioVision. As an alternative or complementary option with the HIP, control of the microscope is also possible through the use of the System Control Panel (SyCoP), which features the similar feel of a computer mouse and offers touch screen control and programming of the system. Zoom, vertical adjustment, illumination, click stop positions can all be controlled and programmed. Foot pedals are also an option that can be used to control focus and zoom when two hands are needed to hold and secure a sample while viewing.


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Single or 3-position objective turret   Motorized zoom control
Magnification range: 2.4-230X (stereo), up to 350X (mono)   Control via H.I.P. (Human Interface Panel) or SyCoP (System Control Panel)
Zoom ratio: 12.5:1   Object field diameter: 95.8-1 mm
Zoom range: 0.8-10X   Country-specific power cable or power supply with country-specific plugs
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